Thursday, June 26, 2008

Plate varieties of the 2p late printings

There are a good number of plate varieties for the late printings (the 1L's), all easy to spot.

Here I have a page for these

There are two types of long scratches ver the melon, and for each I find many.

The two I find the most of, and I think are found on the plate on more than one position are:

Small diagonal scratch between the two outer lines midway across the bottom:

Large dot on the lower outer edge of the central design, midway

Interestingly, my favorite variety for the this stamp is a printing, and not a plate variety, and it is the doubled center variety, which, to my surprise, is NOT a very rare stamp.

my favorite variety for the this stamp

There is also a remarkable plate variety on the unwatermarked grid stamp, the 2pNGR, which I luckily also have on cover!

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