Sunday, May 2, 2010

Two 5p1E4 Plate Varieties

The first one has missing ink to the TI of ARGENTINA.

The second one has a small scratch to the last A of ARGENTINA.

Three 5p1E3s

These are examples showing the differences between 1E3a and 1E3b.

Here is a 1E3a. The angle between the threads is rectangular.

...and another 1E3a.

....and here is a 1E3b. The angle between the threads is square.

Doubled background 5p1E4

This stamp has a pronounced doubled background.

I compare this stamp to a 5p1E3c from the same era.

These details show the difference.

Early use of the 10cBRCL1A on cover

This cover bears a 10cBRCL1A. Although this stamp is not extremely rare (as is the case for the elusive 2pCL1B of 1943) it is rare enough used when compared to the other printings of the 10cBR, most being extremely common, and is extremely rare on cover in 1939. This cover was mailed to Germany.

Here is the 10cBRCL1A

...and here is a detail of the date, March 22, 1939. According to Merlo, there is a first day cover in Moscatelli's collection dated Mar 16, 1939.

The Unusual 25c1Et

The vast majority of the 25c1E1 were printed with the watermark perpendicular to the image of the stamp. This constraint is caused by the use of a paper roll in which only one direction (left or right depending on the relative position of the plate to the roll of paper) is possible. The only way to create the 25c1E1t is to print in pre-cut sheets from the roll that have been rotated 90 degrees. Apparently, this is what happened.

Recent find: a 2 pesos clay from 1943

The 2pCL1B of 1943 is the scarcest stamp of the entire issue. I just came across this stamp. Several features of this stamp are give-aways: the stamp is postmarked 1944 (and 1943/44 are the correct years only), the paper is bright white, the watermark is perpendicular, and the ink shows some splatter.

Here is a comparison 1E1/3.

The watermark is barely visible, as it should be. The RA is perpendicular to the 1E1/1E3, as it should be.

Here is a detail showing how the ink tends to splatter on the clay coating.

These details show differences between the clay printing (top) and printing on the 1E1/1E3 papers (bottom).

Newly received 25c and 50c DEPOFs

Here are blocks for MG

And I also just received used/mint of the 50cMG, a very rare stamp.

30c DEPOF Inventory

Here are the stamps I currently have:

30c1E1-MA 52

30c1E1-MG 23; 30c1E2-MG 4

30c1E1-MH 7; 30c1E2-MH 2

30c1E1-MI 12; 30c1E2-MI 34

30c1E1-MJI 35; 30c1E2-MJI 1

30c1E1-MM 18

30c1E1-MOP 15; 30c1E2-MOP 17

30c1E1-MRC 20

I do not find any 1E2 for MA, MM, and MRC. Jorge, in Argentina, who has a large number of these, does not find them either.

Here is the MJI 1E2