Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the 1 peso with map boundaires

I completed a study of this stamp as a test of what I need to for all the others. This is one of the simpler stamps in that it had a limited run (all of 1936) and was printed on one paper (my 1E1, the cream medium thickness paper).

This stamp was issued January 1, 1936, and here is a cover from January 4.

This is the first paper (1E1):

There are two catalogued plate varieties in Klass/Kneitschel:

long vertical line across argentina section of map

retouched left numeral background

there is an additional plate variety I find, and it seems to be in one of the master dies because I find two variations:

the most common has a broken curl midway along the right side edge,

here is a detail

the second variation also has a line break that I find in two separate specimens (one on cover).

here is the detail

for those who can read Spanish, I also have scans of the three major catalogs for the regular issues and the officials in Kneitschel (the most authoritative source, it seems):

Ediphila 1980

Kneitschel 1951

Klass 1970

Officials in Kneitschel

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