Saturday, October 31, 2009

A small selection of the 40c1L6

These stamps were used in 1956 and 1957 and show some generalized plate wear.

The two major shades of the 40c2C

The first shade is purple.

The second shade is reddish purple.

Here is a detail of these two shades compared.

A few 40cNGR plate varieties

These plate flaws need to be confirmed as plate varieties.

These two stamps show a plate variety I have shown previously.

A selection of 40cNGR

This stamp was printed in at least two shades of purples. This first specimen is reddish purple.

Here is a dated 40cNGR.

This comparison shows a range of shades for this stamp.

The two clay 40c printings

The first printing, from 1943, is on the second clay paper, the CL1B. The RA is vertical. The paper is of medium thickness and poorly perforated.

The second printing is on lighter colors and from 1952. The paper is thinner, the CL2B. The RA is horizontal.

Here is a comparison. The top two stamps are CL1B, and the bottom two are CL2B.

Selection of 40c1E2

This first specimen has bright colors.

These two specimens are a lighter shade.

These 40c1E2s have been postmarked in March and April of 1938.

Early 40c (1E1 and 1E3a)

These early printings show almost no plate wear.

This stamp has some plate wear around "REPUB" of "REPUBLICA."

Here is a clearly printed stamp dated 1940.

Here are two specimens from a dirty and slightly worn out plate.