Sunday, October 24, 2010

Exhibit draft for the late large format 1E1 issues (20cMG, 1p, 40c)

Exhibit draft for the peso values issued January 1 1936

The 1 peso with boundaries was replaced with one without because of multiple political boundary disputes.

Exhibit draft for the mid values issued January 1 1936

These exclude the 40c, which I do not find used in early 1936. The 25c is found with horizontal and vertical watermark, and both are rare.

Exhibit draft for the Oct 1 35 cents and the 10c Type II

These are the stamps commonly found as a set on philatelic covers from October 1935. I include the 10c Type II, which was issued perhaps as early as late 1935.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Added several 1pL-MI and 1pL-MOPs, now only missing the 1pL-MRC

A normal 1pL-MOP

1pL-MOP 'long scratch across Argentina'

1pL-MOP with deformed M in overprint

1pL-MOP with lower part of the overprint missing

1pL-MI 'long scratch across Argentina'

1pL-MI with retouched left '1'

cents M..M completed

I was only missing the 3c, shown here along a few new ones that complement the ones I already have.

1c block mint (remaindered)

1c block used

2c block mint (remaindered)

3c block mint (remaindered, yet still a rare stamp)

5c pair used

Monday, October 11, 2010

1c1E1 plating, left pane, rows 5 and 10

Here are the fifth and tenth rows. The plate varieties match well for these two rows.

Position 81

Position 83

Position 84

Position 86

Position 88

Position 89

Position 181

Position 183

Position 184

Position 186

Position 188

Position 189