Saturday, March 6, 2010

5p1E on cover from the Jantzen correspondence

I have two of these covers, both with 5 pesos stamps. The other cover is posted in 1936. This one is posted in May of 1938.

'Fonopostal' used as regular stamp.

These stamps were intended for mailing records. They were printed in a very small run and are sometimes found used as regular postage. Here is a cover with the 1.18 pesos value from 1940 to Geneva, Switzerland.

Interesting marking on cover to Germany

Here is a cover from 1936 to Germany.

The marking has been crossed out.

Here is a detail of the 2 pesos stamp.

1p1E on 1942 plates printed in wrong order

This example shows the background plate printed on top of the foreground plate. It is posted in 1942, and is one of the 1E papers.

Here is the stamp.

These two high resolution details show the inverse order of printing clearly.