Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the papers of this issue

Here are the papers as I currently understand them. There are a few gaps in my current study of these...the numbering scheme is my own given that there is no published scheme that addresses the papers correctly/completely.

(01) 1E1: The first early paper with wavy lines from October 1935, which I find in use thrroughout 1936.

(02) 1E2: Mostly used in 1937/38.

(03) 1E3: Mostly used in 1939. At times easily confused with the 1E1 paper.

(04) 1E4: Mostly used in 1940.

(05) CL1A: The first clay papers from 1943. The watermark is similar to that of the 1E4 paper.

(06) CL1B: Watermark is perpendicular to the previous paper.

(07) NGR: unwatermarked grid

(08) NOP: opaque, thick, unwatermarked, and uncatalogued. Easiest to distinguish for the high values (5, 10, and 20 pesos).

(09) 2C: RA straight rays; neat

(10) 2D: RA straight rays; diffuse

(11) 2N: RA straight rays; narrow features

(12) CL2A: thin, plastic-like clay paper

(13) CL2B: thin, plastic-like clay paper, opaque and almost imposible to back scan!

The five late papers from the 1950s

(14) 1L1:

(15) 1L2:

(16) 1L3:

(17) 1L4:

(18) 1L5:

(19) Official clay paper, similar to CL2A, thinner, and easy to back scan for the 50c, and slightly thick and with poor perforations for the 25c.

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