Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Conjecture about all 5c1E4t being from booklets

I have previously come across 5c stamps on the 1E4 paper. The two blocks in booklet format are on this paper. I have just realized that it is possible that the booklets were only printed on the 1E4 paper, and that this paper was only used for this purpose. If this statement is correct, then loose 5c1E4t are from the booklet printing, and this printing must have taken place on or soon after 1940, when the 1E4 paper was briefly in use.

Additional note (March 2009): Upon reading the article by Tenorio a second time, he specifically mentions that what I propose here is correct. The 1E4 paper WAS used for this printing, and all 5c1E4 stamps come from these booklets.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The 20c and 1p regulars and DEPOFs in Deluca

Deluca mentions some key information about the 20cJMG/20cMG and the 1pL/1P.

According to Deluca:

1. 10,000,000 of the 20cJMG were printed, and 2,495,551 were destroyed when the 20cMG was introduced November 21, 1936, the latter with an initial printing of 5,000,000.
3. 3,000,000 of the 1pL were printed, and 700,000 were destroyed when the 1p was issued February 1, 1937.
4. 407 specimens each of the 20cMG and the 1p were overprinted 'MUESTRA' and sent to the U.P.U.

Here are the quantities Deluca mentions were delivered for the DEPOF issues of the 20cJMG and the 1pL:

Here are the dates of issue mentioned by Deluca for the 20cMG and the 1p DEPOFs.

Also mentioned in Deluca is that a total of 60.030.317 DEPOF were delivered in 1936. Judging by the stamps I have, most of these were 5c, 10c, and 30c.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

2C and 2D examples showing the watermark

These are 2C examples (diffuse, grayish paper).

There are 2D examples (clear, bright white paper).

Measurement of the 1E4 grid

Here are several examples. I am not able to determine a direction for this roll based on the elongation of the dots.

Measurement of the 1E3 grid

Here are two examples. I am not able to determine a direction for this roll based on the elongation of the dots.

The watermark can sometimes be somewhat unclear for the 1E3 paper.

A scan of the 1E2 paper

I do not find a clear grid for this paper.

Measurement of the 1E1 grid

As explained by Rein (member of Stampboards), the direction along which the ellipses are longest in this paper is the direction in which the roll was made. Here are two examples. I find the grid aligned in the horizontal direction in reference to the RA. If the grid was found running along the perpendicular direction, that would constitute a separate watermark.

Printing press used to print these definitives

The caption reads:

"Two color typographic rotary press 'Goebel' model B.P.M. used by the Mint (Casa de la Moneda) to print postal stamps. It was acquired in 1935, even if installed in its printing shop (taller) since November 1930 in test mode (a titulo de ensayo)."