Saturday, June 21, 2008

details about the 10c Rivadavia Red

About the 10c Rivadavia Red the article published by Tenorio Casal mentions the following:

During the first printings of this issue in 1935, "photoetched typography was used, which was used with success for the 10 centavos value. T0 meet immediate needs, 1.200.000 stamps were printed, with the unique feature that the the design is more than 0,5 mm larger than the other values of the issue...At the same time there is a printing error, in which the tip of the inner coat as it meets the neck has a gap of missed design. After this quantity was used up, a second printing was placed in circulation December 17, 1935, with the smaller design. There are two types which can be differentiated in that in the first one the leftmost pocket near the name Bernardino is completely drawn in with color, while in the second one it is deffective."

First plate: 27 mm height, 21 mm width
Second Plate: 26.7 mm height, 20.6 mm width

"In september 1938 a third plate was used in two printings, with design dimensions similar to the second plate but with the leftmost pocket drawn in as in the first plate, and which features make differentiation of this stamp difficult."

"First plate: only one printing with all the Ministry Officials.
Second plate: two printings with all the Ministry Officials, except M.R.C.
Third Plate: two printings with all the Ministry Officials, except M.A., M.J.I. and M.R.C. These were also overprinted 'Servicio Oficial'."