Friday, May 20, 2011

10cMG type II rotary printing

10cMG type II various plate varieties

First stamp from left to right

Top stamp

Stamp on the right

The left stamp has an overprint variety as well as a recognizable plate variety.

10cMG type II top edge plate varieties

These varieties are repeatable, and likely in the master dies.

10cMG type II broken L of REPUBLICA plate variety

Interestingly, this master die variety is very common for the 10cMM, yet I only found this one example in this rather large selection of these stamps (200 or so).

10cMG type II and III upper left corner plate variety

I find this plate variety to be relatively common for such a small selection. It seems likely that it is on the master dies. Some of these stamps are type III, which has a small dash in Rivadavia's lapel nearest to the right side denomination.

10cMG type II flat overprint varieties

I find several with the same nick to the top right edge of the M.

Here is one with a different nick to the top right edge of the M.

This stamp has a prominent break to the left leg of the M.