Sunday, June 6, 2010

20cLC additional plate varieties

This is a 20cLC1E3. I may have shown this plate variety before or have at least seen it before. The last A of GANADERIA is slightly elongated.

This is a 20cLCNGR. This stamp has a few dots and ink blots.

This is a 20cLC1L1. This stamp shows plate assembly lines along the left edge.

20cLC2C plate variety 'break on bull's nose'

This plate variety consists of a small line break along the edge of the bull's nose. It is uncommon in general, and since both stamps I find are NGR, it may be a late error.

20cLC2C plate variety for left numeral

This plate variety consists of a small in line within the inner lines of the 2 of 20 in the lower left numeral box. I have yet to determine if this is a variety that is found more than once on the plate. Here are three specimens. All are 2C.

20cLC plates printed in wrong order

The first specimen, 1E3, has normal order and is shown here for reference.

The two specimens below have the background plate printed over the foreground plate. Both are NGR.

If you look carefully at the D and the E of GANADERIA the background lines are clearly visible.

The 20cLC1E4

Rein has recently discovered this stamp. At first I did not believe it, but here it is. It was 'under my nose' all along. The top row are 2D and the bottom row are 1E4.

2D stamps in more detail

1E4 stamps in more detail