Saturday, August 7, 2010

10p1E1 on 1936 piece

This cover piece is from a correspondence to Marseilles, France for which I have other items.

Was the 40c really issued January 1, 1936?

This cover dates from March 31,1937. It is the earliest cover I have for this stamp. I find it printed on the first paper (the 1E1). I do not have any used specimens dated earlier than this cover. The stamp came into use mostly for the 1.45 pesos rate from the late 1930s.

30c used in 1936 with railroad postmark

The postmark is from the railroad station Perico and dates from 1936.

10cR-I-MM forgery

Here is a crude, yet interesting forgery. The original stamp (the 10cR MM Type I) is rare, but the MG is considerably scarcer. I guess the forger did not know relative rarity well.