Thursday, June 26, 2008

About the plate varieties

I have studied the plate varieties a little and it would be great if members of
this forum shared the ones they have found. I have so far studied the plate
varieties for the 10c Rivadavia Red, and the late printings from the 1950s for
the 50c/2p/5p. I am most interested these days in the plate varieties of the 25c
and 30c because I know that there are many-I have glanced them as I have looked at these stamps when studying other aspects of this issue.

One of my favorite plate varieties is on the 25c plate:

Apparently the die got squeezed in some fashion. The top edge towards the right is deformed in a very interesting way. At first glance it may look like deformed/bent paper, but it is not. This stamp is on the second watermark, mint, and completely flat. I have another specimen on the first watermark that I have not typed for a specific paper.

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