Sunday, November 30, 2008

The 20P1L2

I find two late printings of the 20p, the NOP unwatermarked opaque white paper, and this one. Here are two mint specimens with different stages of wear for the center that I compare here.

The watermark:

A few used ones.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

some of the key values of the series

I have recently received these specimens. These are some of the scarcest printings, and are part of my plan for a beginner's collection. I had been wondering how long it would take me to come across some of these stamps, and luckily it took only a month since I began to track this beginner sample.

The 20p1E1 (the very first printing, from 1936, and this one even has a 1937 postmark!)

The 20pCL (clay isssue from 1943, notice this specimen is postmarked in 1945)

The 5pNGR (unwatermarked grid, in my opinion somewhat over-priced in Scott)

The two high values from the 2C printing (straight rays, notice the very bright colors)

assembling all of the forum contributions into ten volumes

Here is a link to the page from which all of these files can be downloaded.

2008 Notes Volume 1: Papers, Watermarks, Proofs, and Errors (Word, 30.8 MB)
How this series came about 13; Two proofs? 15; The Papers 16; Watermark Variations 24; A reference scan of the 1E1 watermark 25; The Straight Rays Diffused Watermark 26; Watermarks/Papers 25c 'Servicio Oficial' 29; ‘cents’ Papers 35; Papers on the 1/2 c value 35; Papers on the 1 c value 36; Papers for the 2 c 41; 'cents' issues that saw little postal use 43; 3c Moreno value 50; 3c San Martin Gray 53; 25c and 50c bundles part 3: watermark varieties 56; 30c 1E1 displaced center 57; Tiny ink dots on a 30c1E1 58; A 1p1E with an interesting printing variety 59

2008 Notes Volume 2: 1935 - 1944 Regular Issues Part 1 (Word, 28.5 MB)
San Martin combined use 12; The 10c Rivadavia Red 15; Printing details about the 10c Rivadavia Red 15; Selvage on regular issue 10c Rivadavia Reds 16; First selvage, with thin red stripe along the edge 16; Selvage with six horizontal narrowly aligned stripes 17; Selvage with a single bar 18; Vertical lines 19; The 1 peso With Map Boundaries 20; The 1E printings for several values 24; The 15cMG1E 24; The 20cJMG and MG Issues 25; The 20c Large Format Cattle 1E/1Ls 27

2008 Notes Volume 3: 1935 - 1944 Regular Issues Part 2 (Word, 34.9 MB)
25c and 50c bundles part 4: 25c1Es 14; 25c and 50c bundles part 5: 25c1E3s 17; 25c value colors between 1939 and 1946 20; Color variations in 1943 for the 25c value 23; 25c and 50c bundles part 6, 50c1Es 26; The 1E printings of the Large Format Pesos Values 31; The 1 Peso Without Boundaries Value 31; The 2 Pesos Value 39; The 5 Pesos Value 43; The 10 Pesos Value 47; The 20 Pesos Value 50

2008 Notes Volume 4: 1935 - 1944 Regular Issues Part 3 (Word, 35.0 MB)
The 1E printings of the Large Format Cents Values 13; 1E1 Specimens 13; 1E2 Specimens 34; 1E3 Specimens 43; 1E4 Specimens 60

2008 Notes Volume 5: Departmental Officials (Word, 28.4 MB)
Departmental Officials in the Deluca book 14; Departmental beginner's selection Part 1 15; Departmental beginner's selection Part 2 19; Departmental beginner's selection Part 3 21; Departmental beginner's selection Part 4 24; Departmental beginner's selection Part 5 26
M.A. officials, part 1 30; Agriculture Departmental Officials M.A. 31; Officials M.A. 30c with two plate varieties 36; The M..M variety 38; 1 peso without boundaries departmentals 41

2008 Notes Volume 6: Servicio Oficial’ Issues (Word, 29.1 MB)
The 'servicio oficial' overprint plates 14; "Servicio Oficial" first small format overprint plate 18; "Servicio Oficial" second overprint plate 20; "Servicio Oficial" third overprint plate 22; "Servicio Oficial" deformed S 24; 1 peso "Servicio Oficial" 1E4 inverted overprint 26; A few 5c and 10cBR 'Servicio Oficial' 27; Three 'Servicio Oficial' 1E blocks 30

2008 Notes Volume 7: 5c, 10cBR, 20cLC, and the 1945-1950 Regular Issues (Word, 33.0 MB)
5c typographed 1937/38/39 14; 5c typographed 1940-45 16; 10c Rivadavia Brown First Clay Papers 19; 10cBR Wavy Rays of 1941/1942 24; 10cBR unwatermarked grid paper (NGR) 27; 10cBR unwatermarked opaque (NOP) 29; 10c Rivadavia Brown Straight Rays 30; 10c Rivadavia Brown Horizontal Watermark clay of 1950 34; 10c Rivadavia Brown Vertical Watermark clay of 1950 37; 10c Brown 1Lx papers type B 38; 10c Brown 1L5 Zarate type A 40; 10c Rivadavia Red Brown Official 42; 10c Brown Worn Die 43; Varieties in the background color for the 20c Bull (20cLC) 44; 20c Bull (20cLC) first and second watermark 45; Color varieties of the unwatermarked 30c 49; A few color varieties of the NGR large format values 52; Over-inking error on the 1pNGR 53; Two NOP items 54; Two clay items 56; 25c and 50c bundles part 2: scarce types 57

2008 Notes Volume 8: Regular Issues 1951 onwards (Word, 25.5 MB)
25c and 50c bundles part 7; 50c1Ls 13; 1 peso Antarctica 19; 1 peso Antarctica watermarks 20

2008 Notes Volume 9: Plate Varieties (Word, 30.1 MB)
Two plate varieties 14; Plate Varieties of Several Small Format Values 18; Several 1/2c 1E Plate Varieties 18; Several 5c 1E Plate Varieties 20; Several 15cSC1E Plate Varieties 26; Plate varieties of the 20cLC 29; Less prominent plate varieties of the 20cLC 32; Major plate brake in the background image field 35; Revisit of a plate variety 36; A 25c value plate variety 39; Faint sun on several 25c1E3s 41; A few plate varieties of the 25c value 45; Repeating variety for the 30c1E1 46; A 30c1E1 plate variety 48; Plate varieties of the 50c 50; A plate variety of the 1 peso 51; Plate varieties of the 2p late printings 52; 5p1L "Lobster" plate variety 55; Plate varieties of the 5p late printings 58

2008 Notes Volume 10: Postal History (Word, 27.4 MB)
1pL covers in presentation book 1 14; 1p1E covers, first batch 15; Question about usage to Germany 21; Two matching covers from 1938 24; A censored cover 26; Question about a postmark 27; 30c 1E1 with nonsensical cancellation 28; Type I cancels 29; Question about a postmark 31; A few slogans 32; Six slogans from 1936 33; Postal entire 36; A post office box receipt 37; A postal entire overprinted "sin valor postal" 40

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

25c and 50c bundles part 7, 50c1Ls

The 50c received ample use during the 1950s. I find five major types, of which three are well represented in this selection.

The 1951 paper, the 1L1, is bright white and has a medium RA. This stamp is only found with a distinctive deep orange background.

The 1L2 paper, with large to gigantic RA. This stamp is only found with a distinctive pale red frame and faint background.

The 1L3 paper, similar to the 1L1 paper. This stamp is only found with a distinctive deep yellow background.

25c and 50c bundles part 6, 50c1Es

Here I show some of the 50c Wavy Rays from this selection. The design of this stamp, with a concentration of ink in the center-the oil platform-causes 'sock on the nose' postmarks to be somewhat faint.

The first paper, the 1E1. These have a limited range of shades.

The second paper, the 1E2 of 1937. These have a limited range of shades. This stamp is somewhat rare.

The third paper, the 1E3 from 1939 to 1944, has a few color varieties, but still is not nearly as common as the 25c of the same era.

The fourth paper, the 1E4 of 1940, white and thin. These are usually found in a distinctive, deep burgundy red.

25c and 50c bundles part 5: 25c1E3s

The 25c on 1E3 paper is undoubtedly the most common printing of this stamp. This type was used in 1941/42 and after 1943 with less frequency than in 1943, when it saw considerable use in a wide range of shades and colors.

This is the 1941/42 selection, mostly color rose.

This is the selection from 1943 onwards, with various colors: light, faint background, deep rose background, or deep colors.

25c and 50c bundles part 4: 25c1Es

Here I show a few 25c Wavy Rays from this selection.

The first paper, the 1E1. These have a limited range of shades.

The second paper, the 1E2 of 1937. These have a limited range of shades.

The fourth paper, the 1E4 of 1940, white and thin. These have a limited range of shades.

25c and 50c bundles part 3: watermark varieties

I find two distinctive watermark varieties. The first one, on a 25c1E3, has a filled in A in RA.

The second one, a 50c1L1, has a combination of large RA and small RA, with the latter displaced towards the bottom of the circle enclosing the letters RA.