Sunday, November 29, 2020

Several 1938 Ship Covers to Europe

 One each to England, Germany, the United States, and Holland.

Several 1938 Air Mail Covers to Europe

One each to England, Frnace, Belgium, and Holland.

Four 1938 Covers to Germany

Two Via Condor, one 'Por Primer Avion,' and another via undetermined airline.

The foreground and background plates show major missalignment for this 40 centavos stamp.

Two 1938 Covers to the United States

The first cover flew via Panagra on an ir France envelope with Air France blotted out. 

Two 1938 Covers to France

The first one Via Condor, and the second one Via Air France.

Two 1938 Covers to England

The first cover flew by Air France and bears a 10c Rivadavia Red Type II Typographed with selvage. Selvages are very rare on cover, except for philatelic use.