Saturday, August 19, 2023

Four 1940/41 airmail covers

 The first cover is from 1940 to Germany. The other three covers are from 1941. Two of the 1941 covers are to the United States, and the other one is to England.

This cover was transported via Condor-Lati to Germany, a 1.45 pesos rate. This is a rare early use of this type of Whermacht censorship tape

The attack on Pearl Harbor had taken place by the time this cover was mailed, yet it is not censored, a 1.20 pesos rate.

This cover is from before Pearl Harbor. It is a 5.15 pesos rate. The Shepherd, Hitchcock & Co correspondence must have been large judging by the number of covers from it I have come across over the years. 

This fourth cover is to England, a 1.70 pesos rate, censored.