Saturday, July 11, 2009

PDF book on the 1E1 and 1E2 issues

This book includes the Departmental Officials (and I am still missing a few of these) and the 'Servicio Oficial' issues.

2009 Book: 1E1 and 1E2 paper issues, including the Departmental Officials and 'Servicio Oficial.' (PDF, 21.6 MB)

Table of Contents:

The 1E1 ‘cents’ issues of October 1, 1935 39, Perforations of this printing 40, The two die types of 10c Rivadavia Red stamps 43, San Martin combined use 48, A selection of mint and used blocks 51, The 1E1 issues of January 1, 1936 56, The 15c1E1-D 56, The 25c1E1 58, The 30c1E1 and 40c1E1 61, The 50c1E1 64, The 1pL1E1 67, The 2p1E1 78, The 5p1E1 80, The 10p1E1 81, The 20p1E1 83, The 1E1 20cMG and 1 peso with map boundaries 83, The typographed 1c and 5c 1E1s of 1937 86, The 1E2 issues of 1936/1937 88, The Departmental Officials 93, The 1E1 cents 95, The 1E1 issues of early 1936 104, The 5c typographed, 20cMG and 1 peso without map boundaries DEPOFs 112, The 1E2 25c and 30c printings 120, The ‘Servicio Oficial’ 1E1 and 1E2 issues 122, The 1E1 Small Format Issues 122, The 1E2 Large Format issues 128