Saturday, July 11, 2009

2009 Notes on the papers and 'Servicio Oficial'

2009 Notes, Publication No.2: The papers, contributions to June 2009. (PDF, 11.6 MB)

Table of Contents: Status of this study 29, Papers to-do list 30, Measurement of the 1E1 grid 31, easurement of the 1E3 grid 33, A miss-perfed block of the 25c1E3 36, 1E3s after help from Rein 40, The 2p1E3b 45, The 2p1E3b 'cream' frame 47, Measurement of the 1E4 grid 49, Conjecture about all 5c1E4t being from booklets 53, 50c dated specimen back scans 55, The 14 types of the 50c 61, The 1E papers for the high values 68, The 1E3 papers for the high values 72, There are two types of NGR 75, Reference NOP Specimen 76, Comparison of the 1E4 and 2D papers 77, A back scan of the 2D paper 79, 2C and 2D examples showing the watermark 80, Horizontal and Vertical 2P2s 83, Straight Rays 2C paper 91, Reference scans of the 1L papers 94, Close-ups of 1Ls 102, Comparison of the 1L2 and 1L4 papers 105, The 2p1L6 Watermark 108

2009 Notes, Publication No.3: The 'Servicio Oficial' printings from a study undertaken March 2009. (PDF, 11.5 MB)

Table of Contents: 1E1 'Servicio Oficial' 29, 1E2 'Servicio Oficial' 31, The NGR 5c Moreno 'Servicio Oficial' 36, The 2D 5c 'Servicio Oficial' 39, The 1E4 5c Moreno 'Servicio Oficial' 42, The 5c1E1t-SO and the 5c1E3-SO 47, The 15c 1E3/1E4 Small Format Cattle 'Servicio Oficial' 52, The 2D/2C 15c Guemes 'Servicio Oficial' 58, The Wavy Rays 15c Guemes 'Servicio Oficial' 63, NGR and NOP 'cents' 'Servicio Oficial' 66, The 'cents' 1E3 and 1E4 'Servicio Oficial' 69, The 20c Small Format Cattle 'Servicio Oficial' 76, The clay printing of the 25c 'Servicio Oficial' 79, Less common issues of the 25c 'Servicio Oficial' 82, Vanishing sun on the 25c 'Servicio Oficial' 88, The 1E4 printings of the 25c 'Servicio Oficial' 92, The 1E3 printings of the 25c 'Servicio Oficial' 94, Watermark curiosities on the 25c 'Servicio Oficial' 101, Impossible dates on the 25c 'Servicio Oficial' 102, The 1E1 issue of the 25c 'Servicio Oficial' 103, Later issues of the 50c 'Servicio Oficial' 108, Several master die plate varieties of the 50c 115, The 1E issues of the 50c 'Servicio Oficial' 120, The 40c 'Servicio Oficial' 125, Later papers of the 1P-SO 126, Early papers of the 1P1Ex-SO 131, Two candidate plate varieties of the 2P1L-SO 135, Major plate varieties of the 2P1L-SO 137, A remarkable 2P1L-SO plate variety 139, Two types of the 2P1L-SO 141, Two minor plate varieties of the 2PNGR-SO 146, A variable plate variety on the 5 pesos 'Servicio Oficial' 148, Two 5 pesos 'Servicio Oficial' plate varieties 150, 'Servicio Oficial' High Values 153