Saturday, July 18, 2009

Comparison of the 10c Rivadavia Red Type II and Type III

I am in the process of absorbing a significant discovery that Rein has just made: there are additional types of the 10c Rivadavia Red and Brown stamps! This is a most interesting development.

For the typographed stamps with the selvage with a field of vertical lines I find two types. Because we already have a type I and a type II for the red Rivadavia, I am calling it type III. From looking at a small sample, I do not find any multiples with both types, and if this continues to be the case, then each of type II and type III are from separate compositions.

Type II

Type III

Comparison of Type II and Type III

There may be several master die varieties of Type III. All type II seem to share the two dots under the B of BERNARDINO, and all type III seem to share the dot in the lapel .

I find both types used in 1936.