Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Two 1936 Via Condor Covers with the 2 Pesos Value

 These are great finds. The 2 pesos from the very first paper, the 1E1, is an uncommon stamp. On cover, it is even more desirable. 

The first cover has a marking that has been crossed out. I looked it up, and it's a postage due marking. I am reasoning that it got crossed out after someone realized that there was plenty of postage paid on this cover. Maybe the person who applied it was used to seeing one peso stamps and thought the 2 pesos stamp was a 2 centavos stamp? 

The second cover has a beautiful pair of the 2 pesos in perfect condition. The grading police always like to point out poor centering, but this is meaningless if you understand the rarity of this stamp, and even more so, of this stamp as a flasless pair on cover.