Friday, November 6, 2020

Back to this study

 After almost a decade absence from this study, and five years after exhibiting it at NAPEX, I am getting back to it. I no longer have a working scanner that can generate the types of scans I needed when I last was working on these stamps, yet I do have a simple office scanner that will do for now as I ramp up.

I plan to add to the two frame exhibit one page at a time: plate varieties, more postal history. First up is a large block of the 10c Rivadavia Red of 1936 Type I showing the two major repetitive varieties on the plate, and a cover with the two rows by five columns that map the plate.

Here is Position 1

Here is Position 2

This cover has the repeatable two rows by five columns pattern exactly as found on the plate.

Here is the front of the cover. The stamps are on the back of the cover.

Here is the repeatable block.

Position 1 is the third stamp, second row.

Position 2 is the fourth stamp, second row.