Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Paper Chronology

The chronology of first issue is fairly straight forward for most of the papers:

1E1: October 1935

1E2: 1937

1E3: 1939 and thereafter. I took a first look at this paper and learned from Rein that there are three separate papers.

1E4: 1940

1E5....I am not sure, it is very rare

CL1A: 1939
CL1B: 1943, although the 40c on this paper was used in 1948.

2D: 1943

2C: 1949

NGR: 1945
NOP: 1948, although the 20 pesos on this paper was used in the mid to late 1950s.

CL2A: 1949/50
CL2B: 1952

1L1: 1951
1L2: 1952
1L3: 1955/56
1L4....I am not sure, it is very rare
1L5: late 1950s
1L6: late 1950s

CL3 for the 25c Servicio Oficial, late 1950s

Most, if not all of these papers are found in use during the year I list and at most the next year thereafter. There are several exceptions of selected values that were printed on a paper later than other values, such as the 40cCL1B and the 20PNOP.