Monday, February 8, 2010

50c from exchange

More scans from the exchange with Jan. Here are the 50c stamps. This is an excellent selection. There are two 1L3s, one regular and one 'Servicio Oficial.'

Here are the back scans.

There are two clays, 50cCL2Bs, of 1952. Take a look at how the postmark ink does not go through the coating of the paper, and instead gets smudged.

Here is a 50c1E4 with light colors instead of the usual burgundy color unique to the 1E4.

Here are four horizontal 50c2Cs.

This selection includes these six 50c1L1s.

And here are six 50c1L2s and two 50c1L1s. The bottom row stamps are 1L2.

These are the two 1L1s in a larger format.