Sunday, May 10, 2009

Beginner's Collection close to 80 percent complete

I have just received a nice selection of stamps, and have combined it with what I already had to attempt completion of several papers in the Beginner's Collection. The 2C and 1L ranges are complete, and I am only missing these for the papers I have shown here:

1. 1E2: 10p and 20p.
2. NGR: 25c, 10p, and 20p.
3. NOP: 40c, 2p, 5p, and 10p.

I have not yet looked at the small format values in the just-received selection. For the large format values, it contained several NGR, NOP, 2C, and 1L values of interest, especially two nice 2PNGRs, light color printings of the 30c and 40cNGR, a few nice 50cNOPs, several 1pNGRs, a nice batch of 25c and 50c2Cs, and a nice range of 10p1Ls.

I am close to 80 percent complete with the Beginner's Collection.