Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The 1E issues of the 50c 'Servicio Oficial'

These stamps were seldom used. Most of the specimens I have come across are mint, and therefore are reaminders since these stamps were not regularly collected or furnished by the post office mint outside the Argentinean government. I do not find any 1E1s, which is consistent with how seldom this value was used as an official, and also consistent with the extreme rarity of the 50c 'DEPOF' values, all 1E1.


Here is a 1E3 stamp. I show detail of the overprint. Although I find irregularities in these, I am not yet ready to establish these variations as repeatable varieties.


Here is a 1E4 pair with the left stamp showing a break in the right outer line.

Here is a 1E4 specimen with some additional ink to the overprint.

This 1E4 specimen shows the selvage.

The 1E4 specimens are more common than the 1E2 and 1E3 specimens combined.