Tuesday, November 11, 2008

25c and 50c bundles part 6, 50c1Es

Here I show some of the 50c Wavy Rays from this selection. The design of this stamp, with a concentration of ink in the center-the oil platform-causes 'sock on the nose' postmarks to be somewhat faint.

The first paper, the 1E1. These have a limited range of shades.

The second paper, the 1E2 of 1937. These have a limited range of shades. This stamp is somewhat rare.

The third paper, the 1E3 from 1939 to 1944, has a few color varieties, but still is not nearly as common as the 25c of the same era.

The fourth paper, the 1E4 of 1940, white and thin. These are usually found in a distinctive, deep burgundy red.