Wednesday, July 30, 2008

divide and conquer the 10c Rivadavia Brown

This stamp has to be the most difficult group of printings to type for this series. I have decided that I need to scope these issues in detail before moving forward with the next batch of groups.

The issues as I know them right now are:

1. The very rare 1Ex printing that is NOT typographed, mentioned in one of the reference articles I have posted authored by Tenorio.
2. The typographed issue on the CL1 paper from 1939, the one with a porous look.
3. The typographed issue on the CL1 paper from 1943, for which there is a CL1A and a CL1B?
4. The NGR issue.
5. The NOP issue.
6. The second watermark issues, for which looks like there are two, one reddish and one dark brown.
7. The second batch of clays, the very dark browns from 1950.
8. The 1L issue with normal design size. There may be more than one 1L paper.
9. The small die 1L issue.

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