Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Recently Acquired Departmental Officials: 30c and 50c

 The group had a single 30c, a 1E1, which is relatively common. Some of there were also printed on the 1E2 paper.

And then there are the scarcest departmentals, even harder to find than the 1pL values, the 50c, always 1E1.

Recently Acquired Departmental Officials: 1 peso no boundaries

 These exhibit the most variation. The ones with overprint along the top are all 1E1.

The ones with the overprint along the bottom, at least some of them, were issued on the 1E1 paper, but many we issued on the 1E2 paper. All of these are 1E2.

Recently Acquired Departmental Officials: 1pL

 These are very scarce, only printed on the 1E1 paper.

Here is one of the back scans.

Recently Acquired Departmental Officials: low values

 I never tire of studying these. All of the low values were only printed for the 1E1 paper.

Here is one of the back scans.

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Two higher 1pL rates to Europe

The first cover is a 3.15 pesos Via Condor cover to Germany.

The second cover is a 3.45 pesos cover to Austria, apparently with 10 centavos in excess postage if we are to believe the penciled 3.35 pesos is a mark made by the postal clerk.